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Backyard Wildlife, Small Pond, Insects, Animals, Amphibians, Birds and Plants - I Can ReWild - Bullfrogs, Monarchs, Honey Bees, New York Pollinator and Honey Bee Garden

  There's so much I want to write about and share here. I've been thinking of starting this blog for more than a year, maybe even two years, but the confidence, energy, and focused vision for it have only just converged and solidified, allowing me to launch it. That's how creative projects usually happen with me. A small grain of an idea floats into consciousness, and there it drifts, in and out of thought, for however long it needs before either dying and clearing room for another to enter, or it taking hold of me, putting down roots and blooming into action. I hope to make writing and posting here a ritual and intend to post most days. I've got lots of plans for learning new outdoor  nature based skills  and executing self sufficiency projects like organic vegetable and herb gardening and making our home and yard more earth and climate friendly. All of this will evolve over time. I will ease into it all, set the scene and introduce myself and our homestead slowly. Abo

"Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where Your Are" -- Theodore Roosevelt Quote

I've loved this Theodore Roosevelt quote since my pottery mentor shared it with our group several years ago. Perfectionist tendencies have always made me vulnerable to procrastination and making excuses for why I can't achieve some dream or goal. It's not that I'm lazy. In fact, I tend toward workaholism. I'm just crafty with deflection, deviation and dilution. I've always got several pokers in the fire. My interests and passions are many. I'm always thinking of the next project, always moving the goalpost further. I've dreamt of living close to the earth and self sufficiently since I was a child. I thought I would homestead on a sunny plot surrounded by wooded acres located about a half hour from a small college town. But, my current reality is starkly (almost laughably) different.  I live with my husband and two beagles just north of New York City in the lower Hudson River Valley in a tiny Cape Cod on a city-sized suburban lot of about an eighth of an

Read This Before Commenting - Ownership - I CAN REWILD

This is a snark-free zone. I'm not expert at anything, nor am I perfect. I'm simply in love with life and our planet, all of nature, including human beings. I'm worried about climate change, species and habitat loss. I intend this blog to be a positive, inspiring online space where I share my daily journey of learning to live a slower, simpler, saner, thriftier, healthier life, more connected to nature and old ways, considering and inching toward a more sustainable, self-reliant and creative existence, living lighter on our mother planet and in my body, mind and soul. Please be kind and thoughtful in your comments. I do want conversation here, and I'm open to learning better ways of doing things, but I won't post any nasty comments.